2 Days Ago

2 days ago, I lost something that meant much more.
I never thought it would leave me but I let it go.
I gave it to my old-childhood friend.
and I still regret it.
but hey its only been 2 days, imagine how the next month will go?
So here I am probably over-exaggerating. Maybe it's a phase?
I sound so stupid.
But all I know it wasn't his fault, but ours.
I should've kept it.
Regret should be the word,
but its more like
a bad experience that should fade away one day.
Too bad it was my first.
Dear God,
I'm very, very sorry.

The lust, the burning, his sighs and groans. My cries and mewls, all under 4 hours.
In the morning sneaking away. Their I watched my reflection, crying. I should've kept it.

Goodbye Virginity!
DeFunBash01 DeFunBash01
18-21, F
Nov 27, 2012