He Made My New Year Hell.

It was my first New Year's at a party, my junior year of high school. This guy was checking me out, and I got so excited. I had my first New Year's kiss, and everything seemed perfect.
Less than a week later, we all had another party, and that's when it happened. No one else was a virgin, and they were all cheering me on to just do it. So I did. In a wine closet.
After the pregnancy scare was over, I started to realize I might actually like the guy. He seemed to like me too, and I thought I might have my first real relationship. But then, a week later, I found out he's had this thing with another girl, and they become a couple within 2 weeks.
I thought he actually liked me, but he didn't. This tore me apart for what felt like forever. Eventually, I stopped caring, and moved on. They are still going out, and his girlfriend is one of my good friends. I love her. We both have the same problems, and are almost the same person. She is amazing.
It's been a year since I lost it as of tomorrow, and I'm falling apart. I haven't been upset about him in almost 10 months, and I'm upset all over again. I'm so angry.
smileforme95 smileforme95
Jan 5, 2013