I Felt Like I Was Raped!

May 28, 2012
I moved in with my boyfriend at the time, which turned out to be a mistake later on down the road.....but that was the day i had my virginity taken away. Yes, I believe it was rape and not just a couple doing it for the first time! He laid me on his bed and started kissing me, touching my body, and moving a little to fast for me. I was uncomfortable and scared! He took my clothes off and forced me to sleep with him. I actually had a panic attach afterwards cause i was scared of what just happened. I was confused and hurt. He took something away from me i wasn't ready to give up. Looking back I should have told someone, I could have got him in trouble. I just thought maybe I was just scared because of it being my first time. Truthfully he forced me by holding me down and telling me to be quiet. Being stupid and young as I was I stayed with him til he kicked me out September 20, 2012.....
I truly wish I could change the past cause If I could I would have never moved in with him. He used me, emotionally abused me, cheated on me and called me awful names! he kicked me out on the street with no where to go. Finally my sister decided to take me in!
October 9 2012
I met my current boyfriend. I'm afraid that this relationship gonna end the same way. He's way better than my ex. I love my Bf so much and would do anything for him. I'm just afraid its gonna end badly like the last time! I need advice and just don't know who to talk to!
TiffanyMarie92 TiffanyMarie92
18-21, F
Jan 14, 2013