It Was Pretty Much a Sense

I was trying to find someone to love me desperately. I was seventeen at the time. I wasnt really into the sex thing yet, and I had broken up with the guy that I was with like 4 times because he kept pushing the sex issue.

He always used my weakness against me, he wittled me down in to nothing and made me feel so bad about myself that he got what ever he wanted out of me.

The day that I lost my virginity to him...I went over to his house to hang out. Then he wanted to have sex. I told him 'no' several times, but kept saying "oh, shut up, you know you want to." Then he pinned me down...and yeah. I have never felt so much pain in my life- physically and emotionally.

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im very sorry to hear that.hope you will be able to overcome what happened and have the strength to move forward

That's not rape. I heard from my cousin that you totally spread around the word that you liked it and it was completely consensual. Why are you trying to get sympathy when you yourself told bullshit lies about it in the first place?

I've never had a virgin. And at my age it isn't likely to happen. I think it is sad that so many people put so much importance and relevance to a simple biological process. Who to give it to, who takes it, what it all means and whether someone is "pure." I think its a crock-of-yesterdays-food." <br />
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The poor woman who started this thread is going to be upset for the rest of her life over this and only because society has told her that it was wrong, immoral, impure and/or against the wishes of God.<br />
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I blame the Church for this kind of mental anguish. At one time, the practise was very needed. Women were subclass humanoids to be used at will and disease ran rampant. So it became an evil thing and we wrote it into our social structure. <br />
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But now, women have a different role in society, a role as an equal to men, and we have solve many of the health issues associated with the gender. Virginity is no longer seen as the "Must have" issue for a lot of cultures.<br />
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Unfortunately, for a lot of other cultures, it is still a condition of marriage. So much so that some women in Europe are actually paying a plastic surgeon to "re-install" their virginity. I hear it costs about 3000.00 EU.<br />
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Best of luck inthe future. I hope you are born into a culture that accepts this condition as normal.