I'm Not That Upset, But...


Looking back, I think I could have waited. I lost my virginity to my first boyfriend. I'm not completely broken up about it because I really did love him. He was someone I really cared about. But it wasn't all hugs and kisses. We were together for almost three years, and it was a very volatile relationship. He was very emotionally abusive, and I became a very ugly, unhappy person. 

I'm married now, and sometimes I wish I could've saved myself for my husband.

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4 Responses Feb 11, 2010

yes dear i too agree. when u r on the right you dont need to think on what next. god is with you. have unmovable faith in god.

lol no i am saving myself till marriage. and i am pretty sure you'll find yourself a virgin, they're are 49 year old female virgins roaming this planet right now! just gotta find em! :) just wait and you will eventually find 'the one'

If I cannot find such girl what I wish... won't I regret that why I kept myself saved and waited for someone? I feel sometimes that I should not be virgin anymore because girls like what I wish... they do not exist in todays world :(

I want to ask you something... I am a guy in early 20's and I feel very bad that I could not find any girl who is virgin. I am a virgin. I believe that when we get into physical and emotional relationship with our first. We remember it for a long time. Is it true? <br />
Like I feel very upset that if I love some girl and she been into some relationship... I cannot bear that she still be having something in her for her ex or blah blah watever... like I feel something bad and unsatisfactory. I want someone who be mine fully and untouched and pure... am I a fool?