I Hate The Boy I Was Supposed To Like

I went through a phase where I thought I had to get ALL of my firsts out of the way so that I could catch-up to my friends. Needless to say, one of these 'friends' set me up with her date's cousin. I swear, if she hadn't double-dated with me, I don't know what could've happened! This boy had just met me, and was already touching me everywhere, and I mean EVERWHERE that he knew he could get away with. I'm a total nun when it comes to this stuff, so I let him, and even lay aginst him like I thought he wanted me to do. He was kind of cute, but that didn't matter to me at all, I just wanted my 'innocence' gone. But when he started talking about sex randomly, and I spotted condoms in the car, I realized I was way in over my head. Before I could do anything, or even knew it was happening, he kissed me. I let it go, trying to play it cool, because my friend (who was nowhere Near my level) was in the car with her own date, making out. Thank God we left soon after that. A few days later, my other friend tells me about a guy she met who keeps talking to her about sex and such. At this time, I was still trying to tell myself I actually wanting that guy to kiss me. It turned out to be the same guy. So we prank called him over twenty times and I tried never to talk to him again. Thank God I realized what a jerk he was, or I really could've lost something precious to that jack-***. After that experiance, I decided it was best if I never tried anything like that agin.
LatexNightxStar LatexNightxStar
13-15, F
Aug 10, 2010