I Don't Remember My First Kiss

My first kiss was back when I was in kindergarten, and I don't even remember it at all. I remember the before and after, but the kiss itself is a blurr in my mind. Like I said, I was in kindergarten, and the boy was in second grade. My first crush and all, and I guess he liked me too? I don't really know, looking back. He told me we could get married, and, I was a little smart and questioned that, but he said something, and that was the end of that useless discucssion.
So, we were on the jungle gym, and we pretty much just kissed. Of course, one of the teachers had seen, but I don't remember if I got in trouble or not-only that another teacher told my mom about six months later.
So, the stupid *****, I found out later in sixtth grade, had told people that I told him that I wanted to do him and get naked for him, and all this stuff...Let me remind you, I WAS IN KINDERGARTEN. I didn't even know what sex was till I was in sixth grade, and it was only because a friend of mine was asking what it was.
MystiMess MystiMess
18-21, F
Dec 22, 2010