Regretting Making Out With A Stranger (long Story.. Haha Sorry)

I have been dreaming about my first kiss ever since I was 7. I've always wanted it. I've wished over 20 times on 11:11 and I still never got it until I graduated out of 8th grade. I regret it deeply. (If you want to jump ahead, than scroll down to the underlined text. It might not make as much sense, though..)
Summer of 9th grade, I went to the mall with my friend Sara and Calyb. Calyb has always had the biggest crush on me, but I didn't feel the same way. He was my best friend. They were talking about watching the new scary movie Incidious at Calyb's friend John's house. I absolutely DETEST horror movies, so I had no interest in going over to their house. Plus, I had never met John. I have an especially strict mother, who would disagree with me going over to a guy's house that I have never met. However, when we had finished shopping at the mall, Calyb's dad came and picked us up to go to John's house. My mom called me, furious that I had done this without her permission. I shrugged off her frustration and hung up. In less than 10 minutes, we were at John's. When I arrived, we went upstairs into their movie theater where I met John's girlfriend, Kaitlyn. We popped the movie in, and I sat down on one of the couches beside Sara and Calyb. Calyb put his arm around me, and it was very... awkward. About 20 minutes into the movie, the doorbell rang. In walk in two boys that looked much older than 14, named James and Allen. James was very humorous, and would comment on everything in the movie with something that would make me burst out laughing, which made it much less scary. As soon as the movie had ended, I played 2 games of ping pong with James. But, we decided to watch something a little less dark, and put in the movie Accepted (a comedy)
(If you skipped the paragraph above, go here =] haha) All of the couches were full except for the spot next to James. I decided to sit down next to him, but not close. I flipped out my phone, pretending to text someone. He put his feet up on my leg, like I was a foot rest. I giggled and continued texting. About 5 minutes later, he sat up and took my shoulders, making me lay on his chest. Of course I couldn't see the movie very well, but it was okay. He was cute (: Then, he started to stroke my side with his fingers, slowly pulling my shirt out of the way. It made me slightly uncomfortable, but I went along with it. My stomach was showing, and he would trace his fingers along it gently. It made me shiver. James kissed the top of my head and stroked my cheek. I closed my eyes and smiled. He tilted my chin up towards him, and we kissed. It was a little weird because he had braces, but I'm not sure how I can describe how we made out... I bit his tongue twice, that's all I remember.
After the movie was over, we stopped, and my hair was going in all different directions. Shane commented on how I looked like I just had sex, so I'm guessing it looked pretty bad. After that, if I ever looked at James, he would look away and scratch the back of his head. We talked barely, and it was very awkward between us. So, all I can say is I really regret making out with a stranger.

The end. 
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1 Response Jul 24, 2011

lol totally reminds me of the first time I made out. I remember the girl I didn't really like, but she liked me and another guy wanted her so all of a sudden i felt threatened, we went to her house and awkwardly made out, my eyes were open and i was like thinking about it and processing it the whole time. yech.

2011! ur practically a lifer on here!