First Boyfriend Too!

The guy was my first real boyfriend and I started dating him not long after my father cheated on my mom and left her, my brother and myself. At the moment I wasn't exactly looking for a boyfriend. I was looking for someone to look up to. Someone to tell me what I should do. He was looking for sex. He tried taking advantage of me while I was depressed and wanting somebody to love me. He dumped me because he couldn't get me to sleep with him. I regret letting him ever touch me! none the less be my first kiss.
Anndei Anndei
26-30, F
5 Responses Mar 17, 2007

Aw... that's super depressing. But don't regret it. You learned something right? You know what not to date in the future right? That's how I see it. You stayed strong and that's what matters the most.

thats just sad.. trying to take advantage of u that mean.

u did the smart thing by not sleeping with him. very good. still, i will dare say that no matter how tainted ur first kiss might seem to u, u shouldn't regret it. it is one of the most innocent of intimate firsts, & i think that it's one of those things that are beautiful forever & stay beautiful. :)<br />
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keep in mind that there are a lot of things that, if u'd only done them with someone else, they might have turned out "better" or they might have been more justifiable, but life just isn't that way. frankly, i think life is better that way. it would be boring if we only hooked up with the "best" of ppl - if we only hooked up with "good" or the most experienced or mature of ppl.<br />
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we all gotta take a chance. ;)<br />
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no matter whether he deserved it at the time or not, u had ur first kiss with someone u had feelings for, right? that's beautiful, Anndei. :)

i am so sorry.

*hugs* x x x