Mine Totally Sucked :(

Well it wasn't that bad, but the scenario made it suck big time. It turns out that a guy I knew was dancing with me in a club and there were people from our school around us and all of a sudden he kisses me. Out of the blue and it was so quick, around 5 sec or so that I didn't even know if it happened or not. That's why I didn't even respond to it.

After it I was totally happy thinking he liked me and all and that's how I started having a crush for him. Just to find out the next day at school that it was a bet he had made with some so called "friends" of mine. It totally sucked to be me that day, and these used to pull this kind of things on me all the time.

So I regret my first kiss because I always thought my first kiss would be with my first boyfriend and it wasn't.

That was back in high school about 5 years ago, but the memory of it still hurts.

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2 Responses May 23, 2008

Yeah I'm still trying to do that but it's not that easy :S. I just feel that it's not fair that I wasted my first kiss on such an ******* and that I didn't even had a saying in all of it.<br />
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But I'm definitely less affected aout it now then I was 5 years ago ;).

Give it some time and you'll be laughing about what a stupid bet it was and how lame that guy was.