The Guy Was Not Even Worth It

I wish he hadn't kissed me that night. It was so nasty. And he didn't even deserve my first kiss. I'm pretty sure it wasn't HIS first. He ruined everything anyway. My first kiss, AND my first and only relationship. I always believed it in the first place, but I'm a even stronger believer of the saying "everything is not what it seems." That's exactly what he was. He was not what he seemed to be at all. He should have been a actor. He was the best at pretending to be so meek and sensitive like me...the most sweetest to go with his adorable nature and...the atmosphere he gave off. 
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4 Responses May 13, 2012

I feel ya. I didn't ask for my first kiss. The guy just practically leaned in and pressed his lips on mine in a fraction of a second. Worst part was he had a girlfriend. I literally threw my fists on him. He was the biggest jerk I've ever encountered so far.

My first kiss I didn't even know what to expect, suddenly there was this tongue all over the roof of my mouth and the back of my teeth!

When you get the real thing, that won't even count as a first kiss x

You didn't mention how old he is... What I can tell you is that guys your age are still little boys some have the appearance of a man and many try to behave as men... But the truth is they are really little weaklings... Clueless to the needs of a sweet woman.

Haley, don't waste anymore of your time... I didn't say that to be mean but because its true females mature at a much faster rate than males. We've been friends now for a short period but I've read up on your profile and writings. I can tell you're really a sweet young woman. So dont rush into anything, just be happy and enjoy your life... Good things will come your way.