Worst Choice I Ever Made

Now you guys might this story is about an ugly guy but it really isn't. This story is about one of my best friends, her boyfriend, and me. Long story short i kissed my best friend's boyfriend while they were dating why? i have no idea!!!!!!! we would ended up laughing each time with kissed and it was arkward! I hate him now because he is a total ***! This was last year and they date on and off but my ex-boyfriend told her the whole story and she got pissed at me and wasn't mad at all at him i know your thinking you got what you deserved but he was the one that texted me, my best friend, and my best friend's other best friend asking us all to kiss him and told us all he loved us! I am glad my ex told her because if I as in me would have told her he would have told her that i had sex with too! He was the one who screwed up my whole life, but i'm back on track i now have 2 best guy friends and 4 best girlfriends (including her) I'm glad it all turned out alright i just wish it didn't have to take some horrible decesions to get there
CrazyCountryGirl99 CrazyCountryGirl99 26-30, F Jun 6, 2012

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