Don't Have Pity For People. It Leads To This.

So I went to school with a boy who had cerebral palsy. He was always so desperate for a girlfriend. So we were friends and then he asked me out. I felt really bad for him because I knew he cried easily. So I said yes. But then, he had to tell every single person he knew. So I broke up with him. We were still good friends. I sat with him at lunch often. We were gonna go to the same high school, so we agreed to still be friends. But everyone always urged us to kiss. Most of my friends are boys, but everyone thinks I'm dating them. Everyone thought we were dating. But then, on the last day of school, I sat with him at lunch. I don't know how we got on the subject, but we were talking about our first kiss, and he asked me about mine, and I told him I haven't had my first kiss. So then he asked if I ever wanted to be kissed. So I said yes. Then he leaned in, and out of pity, I guess, I leaned in too. It was a terrible kiss. I didn't enjoy it at all. He kind of sucked his lips in. It didn't even feel like a kiss. But then he confesses his hidden feelings for me, and I'm stuck in the same spot again. Now we're dating and Friday I'm going to a movie with him and Saturday I'm going to his party. And also, everyone saw the kiss, so now everyone says I just kissed the most disgusting kid in school.
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I know it's easier said than done, but try not to care quite as much about what other people say. Especially in high school, because in a couple years, they will be out of your life, probably for good. Besides, even if it was your first, you can always get that special experience with someone else. It might not be the same, but whenever you regret it, just remember that the experience for him was probably amazing. It's still not a good reason, but it'll get you through it. <br />
What I don't get, though, is why you're still dating him if you don't like him. At some point, he'll find out, and that in itself will hurt him more than you breaking up with him. I get that you probably care about him as a friend quite a bit, but if you're doing this to spare his feelings, don't. Pity-dating isn't worth it, and he'll be happier with someone who loves him back.<br />
Trust me, I've been in your position, and it only leads to regrets...

a kiss should always be something special...