Worst First Kiss

I was in middle school, seventh grade to be precise. This guy named joey i kinda had a crush on at the time but wish i could take it back. It was a sloppy kiss and he tasted like french fries. We made out in a parking lot of the school and i remember feeling so dirty back than because he was the guy everyone in school wanted and i thought I was gonna be "cool" if i made out with him. He begged me to go out with him but I kept refusing, he said he was starting to fall for me even than I thought it was bullshit and was like whatever find some other girl to get in her pants. he even told me it wasn't like that, and he had the nerve to wait for me after school every day that week on the same spot we made out, claiming it was "our special" spot. Well he did follow my advise cuz a week later i found him kissing some other girl in the same "special spot" he had kissed me. What a loser lol
xWolfMiyagix xWolfMiyagix
18-21, F
Aug 3, 2012