Intimidating Into A Kiss.

I was at the beach with my best friend when an attractive guy swam over to us, I've always been taught to treat people with manners so insteadof saying "Go away" like I wish I would have; I was friendly and mannerly towards the guy. My friend and I had kept swimming and then finally the guy had to leave and he asked for my number telling me that I was sexy. I've always been very empathetic of people feelings, and I was completely thrown off so against my better judgment I walked up to my car with the guy and gave him a piece of paper with my number on it. The guy had been nice enough and before he left he asked for a hug in which I reluctantley gave him just wanting to be away from him. The hug was okay, until he tried to kiss my neck which made me pull away. I had never expierenced someone being so forward before so at that point I was trying to just get back to my friend, but to my dismay he kept telling me how "sexy" I am and that he was going to call me. I murmured a thank you and walked back towards the beach, and then before I really knew what was happening he kissed me. I pulled away from the kiss a few seconds in and he kissed me again. I had been saving my kiss for someone special, and 19 years in my first kiss was given to someome I didn't even know, leaving me with regret. My first kiss was wasted on someome I car nothing about.
beachgirl2011 beachgirl2011
Aug 9, 2012