I Wish I Had Waited..

i will forever REGRET my first kiss. it wasn't even all that special like you would want it to be. i was only in middle school, i didn't know anything. but now that i'm high school, i feel like i've matured a bit. it had been a year or so that i had broken up with my ex, whom i had my first kiss with. i hated it. it wasn't a cute little kiss, it was forced. i didn't see it coming. i wish i could go back and undo it. in high school, during my freshman year, i met a guy. oh my goodness, i promise you, he was everything i ever looked for in a guy. the first time i saw him, i couldn't look him in the face cause of how shy i was to meet him. i had met him through facebook and finally introduced by a friend. i owe her big time! after we started talking, i began liking him more, and more. i absolutely loved talking to him, day and night. at the end of freshman year, we knew a lot about each other, and the feelings were very mutual. he asked me out in person, it was in cute corny way. it was a day i could never, ever forget. i responded to him the next day with a "YES". i was excited and hopeful of this new relationship. i was definitely not bringing old problems into this fresh start. the first time we kissed, i can't even explain the amazing feeling it gave me. he had never had his first kiss and i'm glad i was his first kiss. it felt as if we were the only two existing, nobody else mattered, the adrenaline, oh, it was just amazing! it's been over a year that we've been together, we have classes together, we're juniors now, and we're hoping to get married and have our own home and family one day. i honestly wish i had waited for my first kiss. i can honestly say, i love and adore my boyfriend.
lalalaitsavery23 lalalaitsavery23
18-21, F
Aug 15, 2012