Too Good To Be True

My first kiss was at the bowling ally with my first and only boyfriend. I was 14. It was a few days before valentines day but he gave me a poem that he wrote for me and at the end he asked if he could kiss me, and of course i said yes. We ended up dating for a year and it turned out he lied about a lot of things while we were dating. I thought I loved him but it turned out he wasn't the person I fell in love with. I wish i saved my first kiss for someone a little more meaningful.
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18-21, F
1 Response Nov 28, 2012

It's your first kiss and you don't need to regret it. I personally don't even remember by first kiss, so I would suggest not wasting your energy with worrying about it. In the long run the first person you kissed probably isn't going to matter; however, take it as lesson for something way more significant. When the next "love of your life" comes around and you think you’re ready for not only kissing but the big step. THINK ABOUT IT! Think about it now, when your judgment isn't blinded by your emotions. Because if you regret kissing someone that wasn't right for you just think about how horrible you would feel if you gave everything of yourself to someone who ended up to not be the right guy. Wait until marriage or until you are completely sure that it’s the right thing to do. Temptation will come, trust me. Take things slow because there are no redo’s and make him wait (guys like a challenge anyway). It will be hard but promise yourself now to restrain so you can save yourself from the pain of regret, when the time comes you can remember that you really don’t want to make the same mistake twice.