There's No Such Thing As A Happy Ending

I was 12. I remember... I was at the park with two of my best friends. Katie and Katie. We were being immature, and we saw these guys skateboarding. Me being the person I am, said "hey!!! You guys are cute!" And the one ignored us, but the other replied "Hey, thanks. You too." We then started talking. I asked his age which was 15. I didn't want him not to talk to me, so I told him I was 14. After all the, we exchanged numbers. This is the first real boy I've ever really liked. We texted for hours a night. He said all these sweet things to me, he made me feel special. I felt like I was a princess. I thought this is the feeling they talk about in the movies. One day, he asked me chill with him. I said "sure." One thing, my sister had to come with. She was 16. When we met up, all we said was "hi." The rest of the time we just sat there. 15 minutes later, we departed.

A couple days later, we hung out again. This time I brought my friend Nahiyha. Again, we said nothing. We just sat there holding hands, saying nothing, for four hours. Finally my mom came and picked me up.

About a week later, we hung out again. Alone. And of course, we said no words except for hello. He looked into my eyes, I looked into his. He moved closer, my heart was beating fast. He parted his lips, I parted mine, then...Finally. Our lips met. We madeout for 10 minutes. My very first kiss. And he didn't even know.

After that whole situation, he stopped talking to me. I swore I was in love with this guy. Three months passed, no contacts with eachother, what so ever. During those three months, I figured out he had a girlfriend the entire time, and he was using me, and was going to try to have sex with me. He finally hit me up on Facebook and asked to hangout again. I told him no.

One month later, I had new friends. I was at the park, with a group of people. When all of a sudden, he showed up. He texted me. Told me to come over there and hangout. So, I did. He asked to go on a walk and that he wanted to talk. I said Okay. He took me to the woods, where I found us making out again. He started kissing my neck, I then realized what was happening. I punched him in the face and said I didn't want to be hurt again.

It's been two years since then, and I am now 14. We still talk, and he constantly tells me that he's always liked me. I'm not stupid. So now I play him. I turn him on. Then stop. I text him, tell him the things I'd do to him. He says okay, I'm coming over. He gets half way here, I tell him I'm not home. Wanna know something better. I showed his girlfriend all the texts. Which now happens to be his ex-girlfriend.

And still, he hasn't learned his lesson.
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i did the same thing!!! But i was a bit older

You go girl!!!