Kissed A Stranger

My dad and mom are divorced, and my dad got remarried a few years ago. So my stepmom (and three stepsisters-plus my real sister) was related to some people in Idaho. We live in Washington. So we went on a trip out there on Summer Break. My step-cousin was a weirdo (younger than me but bigger-im short for my age) but had a family friend (i cant remember her name but i wrote it down in my old journal that i lost) who was 14 at the time, one year older than I was. I liked her, but not like stricken or anything. I just thought she was pretty, and i tried to impress her without seeming too obvious.

So my stepsisters and sister and step-cousin and his friend (lets just call her Annabelle for now) hung out a bunch. I was there for a week with my family. On like the third or fourth day us kids were hanging out inside a small camper, doing nothing in particular.

By the way, my step-cousin and i (12 and 13 years old) were the only two boys in the camper, while 5 girls (ages: 5, 9, 11, 11, and 14) were with us.

One of the girls came up with the "brilliant " idea to play truth or dare. I hate that game. So we went around the room asking stupid questions and doing stupid dares. My sister knew that i liked Annabelle, and she had told her closest peer (they were both 11) about it. So one of them asked Annabelle the truth about if she liked me. Embarassment for me!

Annabelle answered that she thought i was cute. My cheeks were probably a little red. Soon after, someone dared Annabelle to kiss me.

Geez, it was like a torture chamber! I was thoroughly embarassed and seriously did not want to kiss her in front of everyone. But at the same time, i did want to kiss her. Remember this is my VERY first kiss.

Since i was so embarassed, we held a pillow up and she gave me a quick peck on the lips behind it. I cant really remember much except that we were dared to kiss for 10 seconds straight, which we did.

The thing is, is that i might not be so regretful of it if it seemed real or genuine. We just sat with our lips touching for 10 seconds. I dont really call that a kiss, do you?

When someone dared us to French kiss, i drew the line. I was feeling really embarassed and the rest of the night is a blur of emotions or hormones or something. My dad dosn't even know about it. My sister confessed it to my real mom, though.

The rest of the week i was seriously trying to impress her. I felt so lucky when she rode on the back of a four-wheeler with me, her arms wrapped around me. But the last day we were there was when i regreted it. The night before she had spent the night with us and we all slept on the floor. We slept next to each other. But that morning we went out to a lake and swam and played around. The adults were sitting on a little beach right beside us. Annabelle left the water and i didnt know where she went. I really wanted her to like me, so i asked some of the adults where she was. They didnt know. So i went in the last direction i had seen her in, telling my dad i was going to take a walk. I walked a quarter aroind the small lake when i saw the lady who i had thought was Annabelle. Now i knew that she hadnt gone in this direction. I was coming back to the little beach when i saw her.

She was hanging out with some other kids her age, at least 14 or 15. She was dangling her feet in the water sitting next to a boy. I watched for a few more minutes then ran back to the camper. We had rode in the camper when going to the lake that morning.

I sat in there, crying or upset or something. Again, hormones were raging so time flew by in a blur. Some of my sisters came over and asked what was wrong.


I didnt actually say that. I just told them to leave me alone. When Annabelle joined them again, she heard about me and checked on me too. I told her to leave me alone also.


We were leaving that evening, and i didnt want to leave. I didnt think i had a life back home. Here, i could live out in the country. Maybe even get Annabelle to really like me. At least i could start a new life.

So, i left. I ran away. I just felt so awesome and free...and a little thirsty. But i knew that if i hadnt kissed Annabelle, i wouldnt feel so, um...emotionally unstable. After about 15-20 min Annabelle and one of my stepsisters rode up on a four wheeler. I had seen them coming, and they had seen me. I was kind of hard to miss, since i was standing on top of an abandoned bus in the middle of the country. I dropped down and entered the bus, hoping against hope they hadnt seen me. They had. We rode back very quickly, and i could tell Annabelle was annoyed. We got back and i got in trouble and grounded and blah, blah, blah.

I have never seen Annabelle since, even when we went the next summer to visit the same relatives. I wish i had saved my first kiss.
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13-15, M
Jan 20, 2013