Not Really a Summer Fling

In 2002, I went on a trip with my grandparents. We were going to visit some long time friends and I also wanted to see their children. So we went over to one person's house and I met these kids I hadn't seen in years. It was great to see them.So, the daughter, Liz let's say, wanted to get dressed up and take pictures.I had just turned 15 but she was about 21 and I wanted to be cool so, I was the project. So i got dressed up in her 21 year old clothes and got my hair and nails and makeup done.It was fun. And then the stupid stuff happened. She called her boy friend to come over (this is 2 in the morning) and she went to his car. I was left there wondering what the hell to do. So I went into her bro's room to get a pack of cards.Apparently he wasn't asleep.SO he asks me what I'm doing.And I said I'm getting the cards to play solitaire cuz Liz is gone.He checks, realizes she's gone and asks to play a game.SO silly me says ok.Then outa no where he goes, close your eyes.So i ask why?Then he says because I want to kiss you.

I thought he was rather stupid.I don't think he even remembered my name....or knew it. Yes I did because I remembered them from when I was younger but....tsk. And he gave me this story about "it was meant to be" because our parents and grandparents have been friends for a long time.Oh please. I don't know why I didn't just get up and leave the room. I just stayed there making out.

I regret it a lot not only because there was no emotion involved but, I was my current boy friend's first kiss and it just would have been perfect if he was mine....

RealitySucks RealitySucks
Oct 15, 2008