I Was Stupid

I am in a long distance relationship with the best boy ever. Well, except he cheated, once. I forgave him though. It was only a kiss to his ex-gf, and she kissed him. Anyway. My small group at church was having a bbq and I invited a friend to come. This friend had a HUGE crush on me, but knew I'm taken.

So while we were there at this bbq the group wanted to play charades. We didn't want to, I wanted to go outside and look at their horses and stuff, so Andrew came with me. Then after the horses we went on their trampoline. We just laid on it for a while. Out of the blue he asks me "Hey... Can I kiss you?"

This was 3 days before I got on a plane to go see my boyfriend. 3 days. I thought about it for a while. Then for some stupid reason, I have no idea why, I said yes. He kissed me.

The next day I felt terrible about it. As soon as I saw my boy that  night I told him. And I apologized. He, of course, was very angry. The anger carried on to the next day, which was the day before I left. He left me a very explicit and hurtful text even after me apologizing many times. So I told him I wasn't coming. He called and I didn't answer. I didn't talk to him for about an hour and a half. I finally answered and he apologized for getting so angry, admitting he had no right. We were good again.

I still regret it to this day even though he's fully forgiven me. I was so stupid. I'd do anything to go back to that moment and say no.

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1 Response Jul 2, 2007

This is small potatoes in the grand scheme of life sister! Enjoy all those kisses from cute boys!!!! If a guy does something you don't like, get rid of him, life's too short for that, and there are plenty of boys who WON'T do things you don't like. Don't settle for anything but the best, and if that means kissing a few boys on the side to find one that's better, DO IT and enjoy it while you still can!!!