Just a Bunch of Children

i was at a club for teens that is in my area...

and on Fridays we can stay there til 10PM i was mearly 14 years old, and the staff arranged a game of Manhunt in the entire building excluding the 'Computer Room' and the 'PlayStation Room'

If you don't know what Manhunt is;

  • ManHunt is a game in which there's 2 groups... it's a bit like hide and seek
  • It's played in the dark
  • one group hides while the other group looks for the opposite group members

Everytime i hid... i was with a group of guys... I even hid in the boys bathroom (which i didn't know was the boy bathroom but it's not like it wasn't permitted)

ANYWAYS there was one point where i was hiding in the Gym's closet... again with a group of guys... at least all the popular guys.

earlier that day i had heard that one of the guys there liked me... and he was next to me in that closet.

He grabbed me... and softly positioned my face towards him and kissed me gently... then we just made out...

I didn't wanna kiss him because i don't wanna say my first kiss was in a closet... where i was stuck with 9 other guys in the dark... when we came out that closet it didn't look too appropriate that i was exiting a somewhat small closet with 10 guys behind me... if it was 10 girls and one guy coming out of that closet than that guy would be the $hit....

I hate that double standard...

the people who attended that club (and word had gone out at school) that I was a bit of a tramp among girls and a pimp among guys

and i was more known... fortunantly people (especially guys) respected me too much to say anything bad.. but that didn't stop the older kids from running their mouths at the club.

I got a few things out of that kiss...

  • My first kiss ended up being my 1st boyfriend
  • we broke up for reasons we BOTH don't know about
  • Lots of people hated the fact that we were together... =|
  • Because of my first kiss i got into my first (and only) fist fight with one of the guys at the club... guess who won? me! he was never seen at the club again LOL i was bruised up a but no biggie
  • = even more popularity.
  • and because of us hiding in the closet we won the ManHunt game lol
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I'm funilly reminded, upon reading this account, of two things: 1) "Just a bunch of children" who happen to be grown men (ie children who APPEAR to have completely "grown up"), & 2) a "yoman" (young woman) who i knew at a past job (who looked similar to you).<br />
What happened, was this: We both worked at an electronics company. Being newbies there, we were both at the soldering station, soldering the pins on these tiny "crystal oscillator" circuit boards. One the day, her lamplight had lost a bolt (rattled loose), and so was a bit loose. So she asked me (she = 20, I = ~24, for age-interests) what to do about the situation. I agreed that she needed to to get it fixed immediately, as the air-extractor fan was making it wobble constantly, making it impossible to see the miniturized components in focus as was needed. But strangely she seemed a bit put-off about approaching the technicians (i knew i was very shy, but couldn't work out why she was shy or whatever). I just reasuurred her that they were good people (as i'd spent a few days in there before). So off she went to the technicians room (where boards were fixed, test-circuits were build/trialed, etc). However, upon returning, she didn't seem "right". I asked her if things were okay, and eventually got from her what unfortunate incident (for her) had occurred, which I found quite shocking & amusing at the same time. She said that she'd inquired if they had a spare bolt for the lamplight, and the guy then said in a loud voice 'She wants a screw!', after which the entire room immediately burst out in laughter (it was actually a bolt, not a screw, but obviously those guys in there were desperate for a laugh). I felt sorry for her. Just goes to show that, no matter how good-looking or whatever you are, it won't stop certain people from using you for their own selfish purposes

I realize this that compared to other's stories... mine did turn out pretty well...<br />
<br />
but that's not how i wanted it to be =(<br />
I barely liked the kid

It sounds like your first kiss turned out pretty well, even if it was in a closet.