I remember exactly who my first kiss was with. It was so disgusting. At the TIME I thought this boy was interesting, but I wasnt infatuated or anything. I didn't want to exchange saliva with him or anything. I liked his conversation, and that was about it. Apparently he thought I liked more. One of my closest girlfriends at the time gave us a ride to school, and VERY unexpectedly, he leans over and gave me a peck, then he looked at me. I was startled, so I didnt know WHAT to think. He smiled a little, apparently he thought I wanted it, and then stuck his tounge so far down my throat I almost gagged, then started twirling it around like it was a fan or something. It was horrible. I was so sick to my stomach, I thought I was seriously going to puke. I never imagined my first kissing experience to be so sickening.
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Jul 22, 2007