Stage Kiss

I auditioned for a play at my local community theater and got the lead. At the time, I had met the boy who I thought would be playing my counterpart, and knew that he was cute and nice, so I wasn't bothered that we had to kiss a couple of times during the course of the play. However, before the first practice, he had to drop out of the play due to reasons out of his control, so the director found a new actor for the part without consulting the rest of us. I wasn't bothered at first, but at the first rehearsal with the new guy I realized that I really, really, really did not like this guy. It wasn't his looks-- he was completely average-- it was is personality. He was obnoxious, childish, and often crude. Not exactly first kiss material, especially since he was shorter than I was.
    By about the fourth practice, the director decided that we were ready to start practicing the kiss. We did the scene, inserted the kiss where before we had just kept going with our lines, then went on with the scene. No romance or attraction was involved, we were just going through the motions. I've decided that it doesn't count as my first real kiss... because it was just fake.
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i agree also! your first kiss is something that no one else should direct!

your first kiss is whatever you declare it to be. And I agree, stage kisses don't count.