Waited Too Long

i was down the shore for a girls weekend in high school.  I was a senior and had never kissed a boy because no boy had ever been interested in me.  When you are a tall girl, height tends to intimidate boys/men.  Anyway, we were visiting a friend's boyfriend at his condo.  While outside, a group of older guys came up to us and started flirting with us.  I wasn't used to the attention so of course I dished it right back.  Then the next thing I know, one of the guys touches my face and leaned in for a kiss.  There was no feeling in this wet sloppy kiss.  I felt so ripped off that my first kiss was from a random guy who was drunk and tasted like really gross honey beer. 
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1 Response Jul 29, 2007

wow, i had almost the same experience! i can totally relate :)