This Is Way More Yuck!!!

Okay, so I had a crush big time on a guy named Eddie in 7th grade..dang was he cute!! I thought he looked like Rob Lowe( back then he was the hottie of the bunch...Rob Lowe, I mean) Eddie was kinda goofy in a way...he giggled  a lot and was real my type. Anyway...I crushed on him for a whole year! Finally somehow in 8th grade he noticed me and we were "hi-bye" friends. One night out with my best friend we found him at "the cruise" and we invited him and his friend to eat with us..later as we were walking and talking and flirting........HE KISSED ME!!! I thought it was a dream come true but NOT!!!! He SLOBBERED ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!!!! Spit was dripping off my chin!!! How could this be true? He was so cute! All this time I liked him..UG!! All I could think about was, ' how do I get out of this?' He knew I liked him a lot, he saw ' I love Eddie' all over my books! What do I do? He came in for another make out session...I could barely stomach the first! I found ways of flirting around my embarrassment. All I could think of was ' How come he doesn't know this about himself!?!' He wiped his face of with his sleeve...he must know right? Swallow more or hold back some or take some kind of pill! The next day at school I ignored him. I FELT AWFUL!!  I changed all my book covers and moved on to my next crush with much more caution.
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LOL, this is so funny, but of course not at the time. My first kiss was slobbery too, but it was him who kissed me. I didn't even know this guy, so I'm still confused how that happened. I feel ya. I had nightmares years after how someone kisses me and then my mouth is full of his saliva and I mean full! What could be more gross???