No Only Unexpected, But Horrible.

 I was at a party, playing truth or dare. I was fourteen and a "lip virgin" and no, i am not repulsive.  Of course knowing my luck, the next thing i know i have to kiss a boy i don't like, AND they kept saying "you have to move your lips" but he thought we had to hold it so i was like wtf is he doing. AND, it was my best friend (who was the only one who knew my kissing situation) who dared us! and trust me it wasnt peer pressure, it was more like the (bad name)-calling-truth-or-dare-convention. 

It was horrible and the only perk about not being kissed at 14 is that you still have a chance to make it special. and it was by no means special, it was robbed. 


I hear about "new kisses" where you start over but i know that my technical first kiss was with this boy. 



KatieLynnBooBoo KatieLynnBooBoo
13-15, F
Feb 23, 2009