Kinda Do Kinda Dont?

Well I was at this kind of big disco. Well it was big for me becuase I was 12/13. It held 500 people and it was so cool.

Everybody had been kissing with tongues down there throats and I was frustated that i hadnt had my first kiss!

So I kissed a guy who had a reputation and had been expelled :) That was perfect for me. I loved bad boys they just didnt really love me...

Anyway we kissed it was nothing exciting. You always think these things are going to be a big deal but it was kind of boring! I forgot to close my eyes and his tongue was I odnt know wierd. But I dont regret it that much because now I am not scared to kiss and i have confidence!

I just wish I had got to know this guy a little more than 5 minutes before he stuck his tongue down my throat...

Adri-irda Adri-irda
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10 Responses Aug 27, 2006

OMG. I'm glad my first kiss was out of love.. not out of frustration. That's nasty.

so, did you now learn that the tonge really doesn't go that far??? what kind of tonge did he have??? you sure it wasn't a lizzard??? or a frog not turned prince yet???? OMG my first kiss was with a guy that liked me and I liked him back but guess what??? he didn't know how to kiss and yes, being that it was my first kiss, it was not big deal and I thought it would be....but now, I have fun kissing my husband all sorts of ways and my tonge doesn't go down his throat, where does that guy live??? you never kept in touch right???? darn it!!!

Lol that is very true. It not as life-altering or as much of a climax as most people think. :/


nah, that's okay. u have the right idea by not regretting it too much. i don't think u should regret it at all. bad boys are hot. :p a LOT of things really don't turn out the way the movies or other ppl make them out to be. especially these. u can't just wait for sparkles to burst in ur vision for u to know that it was amazing. xD

mine was the same thing at a huge party in front of everyone, with the exception that it wasnt a bad boy.

just give it a shot next time

its better to get to the know the person first though..

yuo shouldnt off kissed him practise on bathroom door ..

ah i know what you mean, but at least you got confidence, and u may never see him again...