Truth Or Dare?

I was on a long bus ride with a school group on the way home.  I was sitting somewhere between the middle and the back, and from the boredom of  a 7 hour bus ride, a game of truth or dare sprung forward. At first they were little dares, and many embarissing truths, but eventually the whole bus got wind of it and a few people who were more expereinced at the game made there way back. The game progressed into details that you don't need to know. So back to the point, i was dared to make out with this one girl, and i couldn't back down because  2 other people had already done it, and whats the shame in kissing? Some reluctantly i leaned forward went in for the killed it. The kis barely lasted longer than 5 seconds she was a pro, given the fact that she would kiss almost anyone and anything, and i had never kissed anyone. I found it uncomfortable, and diengaged my mouth from hers. Luckily enough things happened that were better food for gossip, so i did't have to be humiliated
Jake Jake
18-21, M
3 Responses Aug 30, 2006

yeah my fist kiss was through truth or dare too. with the guy i liked! lol i tooootally regret it because the next dare i got was to make out with one of his friends...and i did. ughhh i wish i had a rewind button. and he wasnt even cute (: ohgawwwwd

Mine was on a truth or dare. It was completely my first at a boys house with a couple of my friends. At first it was really embarassing just to kiss the guy, but soon i got dared to make out with him for ten seconds. simply awful!

Oh the truth or dare stories I could tell. lol