It Sucked

it was on a smelly *** couch with this guy I worked with and thought was hot. He ****** me over a couple months later. long story. anyways it was my first kiss and he taught me how to make out and his breath smelled like smoke. damnit. It wasn't special at all.
reidalie reidalie
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4 Responses Oct 24, 2007

Yeah but my second kiss happened while i was on a washing machine on fast spin....and was hilarious....and pretty hott.

LOL Yeah thats horrifying. You poor thing.

the guy sucked half my face a toilet plunger....while pinning me to the wall....rather eyes were wild with fear the whole to say i didn't see him again. And kissing got a whole lot better for me. Though to say my first time sucked would be totally on point..

LOL SUCKS FOR YOU! No...sorry...mine wasn't much better, neither of us had brushed our teeth, and he practically slobbered all over my lips. It was disgusting. :P