Horrible First Kiss

ok it happened in the summer after I turned 14, I have always looked young so it happened with a guy who was a year younger than me. Anyways I had just met him that day and he liked me and what not so he asked me to hang out with him in my back yard, and I thought it was no big deal so I did. We talked for a minute and he started flirting with me and he touched my face. And by the way most of my younger nieces and nephews were around that day so they knew he liked me. So anyways it was like around 9pm and he asks me can he kiss me, and me being the shy kid I was said no. And then he begged and lead me to the back of my house and I confessed I never did it before and he said neither did he so I guess I must have felt a lil better cuz next thing I know his lips were on mine. Next his tongue went into my mouth and I don't know what I was feeling cuz next thing I know his hand is on the side of my breast and he is bitting my bottom lip. So yeah in the end the kiss sucked ***.

cyn19love cyn19love
22-25, F
Dec 27, 2009