First Kiss With The Car Wash Guy

Not the fireworks or innocence i was expecting,i was 15 and  flirted with this car wash guy who then took me out to the park and basically just wanted to make out. I was scared but i kissed him and it was not all that. he then started trying to touch me in places that you probably should not touch people on the first date it was weird he was rubbing on my pants and stuff. needless to say after that we only talked a couple of times on the phone then it was over. I think because of that experience i feel dirty even my husband tries stuff with me. (although my husband is a total jerk). Wish it could have been innocent and sweet like in the movies..or with some one i knew from school or for that matter my own age!

lostdreams80 lostdreams80
26-30, F
1 Response Feb 21, 2010

whatch out most guys just want to use.