My First....

Well, first that really meant something.  I was 17, she was 18 and a very close friend of mine.

In retrospect, it probably shouldn't have been a big deal, but our relationship had been, to that point, purely plutonic.  Since then it's just been a memory.

It was a simple peck on the cheek.  But circumstances are everything, and that would be the last time I saw her or spoke to her.  I still remember the feel of her skin, and for a long time the smell of her perfume.  I remember how beautiful she looked, just like always.  I miss her dearly.  The smell of the perfume is fading.  All that's left is a memory from over 12 years ago.  Eventually, I hope, that too shall fade.  If I have another daughter, she will be named after her.  Friends like that are hard to come by.

I just hope she is happy and doing well.  A part of me wonders, had I done it at some other time, would there have been some romance there?

ShaneC ShaneC
26-30, M
Mar 28, 2010