My Regret

As stupid as it sounds *or possibly even slutty* I regret my first lover

Maybe it's just me, but people make stupid decisions. And as much as I wish I didn't...I, as a woman, made the worst I can imagine. I gave myself, my purity, my virginity, to a man that meant absolutely nothing to me. Whereas I can use the all famous excuse 'pressure' and whatnot. My excuse for many years was 'I was on colonpin, it made me not focuse' when WAS pressure. Pressure to be like my hip, sexy, non-virgin friends. To be lusted after like they were. To talk about how great my last experience was, how long I went, how good I am at giving head. When I hadn't had ANY of that experience. The first time I gave head, or ANY kind of fooling around techniques, was when I lost my virginity.

It seemed right at the time. I always told myself it'd at least be with someone that would cherish it. I thought this guy would, the way he talked to be and touched me so angelic like *men can be SO deceiving* I just gave in, and gave IT to him. I just handed him my V-CARD and let him rip it up with a devilish look on his face. All he wanted was a piece of ***, and all I wanted was to BE a piece of *** *as stupid as it was*


Never really heard from him again after that night. And now I'm with an AMAZING guy. An AMAZING lover, with an AMAZING personality. And I'm head-over-heels in love with him. We've been together for almost a year and a half. And what's worse, when we had our first moment of truth together, the first out-of-body experience of being one while being in love. HE was the virgin...not I. And what hurts even more...he tells me all the time I'm his one and only. That he loved no other before and will love no other after. And it kills me inside I can't repeat this to him.

This may in all actuality sound pathetic, whoreish, whatever. But, that's my story. That's my BIGGEST regret. And I try to tell my friends that still remain virgins to save it for someone that cares. That it will be the worst mistake of their lives. But, just as me, they just want to get rid of it and say the hell with virginity. But how badly they'll regret it afterwards, is a price I they can NEVER repay. But, I can only let them make their own mistakes and regrets. And as much as I'd like to keep that one regret off their shoulders, I believe it's no use.

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1 Response Jul 4, 2007

My wife of 30 years and I have about the same story. She gave her self unknowingly to a guy who got married two days later. I was a virgin she was not. I have had little problems about it but she used to consider herself a ****. I am her one and only because she may have had sex but she had never been made love to. We just celebrated our 30th we love one another more than ever and still make love like we were first together. Tell your amazing guy the truth and in as much detail as he wants. That was my only hang up with my wife that she would say what a **** she had been but no details. This would send all kinds of mixed messages to me and thoughts that maybe she was a ****. Finally after years of asking I finally got the story and I told her that she was not a **** just a young person that made a mistake. I am her first love and she mine she was as inexperienced as I the first night we made love. I tell you she gave me her all she only gave him 10 minutes of sex.