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Where Did The Love Go ........... ??

Oh that I had the widom, now gained 20 yrs ago.......!
I shall state quite clearly, my wife is a great person, no mistake......... but I have watched over the years, we both have very, very little in common. I feel that we are both dis-connected from the other & if it was just the 2 of us we could part quite cleanly on friendly terms, however, that is not the situation, there are children involved which makes it diffcult.
I strongly feel that children MUST be able to enjoy their childhood as much as is possible, it is such a short & presious time.

Or is this all just trying to chase a mirage ???                                       I wish I knew.
4meiski 4meiski 46-50, M 4 Responses Jun 10, 2011

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Just to add to this story (which I wrote sometime ago), It does look like my marrige is going down the tubes, with my wife of 21 years, telling me a fortnight ago, that she thinks we should seperate. My response , intialy slightly surprised, but to be honest, actualy a sense of relief !

have you ever been unfaithfull to your wife?

Hi franka,
you might be interested to read what I just wrote on my story.

If you can have a good friendship now--why can't you have a great friendship and partnership in a divorce. Is your wife happy in this marriage or does she feel like she is missing something. If this is the case you can still be good parents and raise the children together in a divorce. Maybe she would like to get on with her life but does not want to upset the children. Usually children know what is going on anyway. They can have a great life if both parents are happy.

Yes it is important for the children not to suffer from a broken marriage and they need their idyllic world which means they'll grow up so much better as adults.When they're older you may want to pursue separation etc with your spouse.