My Husben Is Still Living With He's Parents

i meet my husben on line, we dating for 1 year, and then we decide to get merried, we live 4 hr distance, when we get merried he start saying things like in the future he would like he's mother come to live with me in the while he is with father and working becouse, i told him that is not going to happen, he acepted what i say, he promise to me to live in ny for one year in the while we buy a home and them he move here to live with me , i was agree soudn ok but we are almost 5 years merried and dint move yet, i ask him to move and he say hes parents need him a lot they are abou to die , that what he say but they not,  hes father is 68 hes mother is 63 , we fight a lot, on the phone, he told me the other day, if i need a men why i dont find another one he thinks i need him living with me because the sex! but is not true, i just told him if he is not moving here with me we are going to divorce, so i dont know what to do!
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1 Response Sep 11, 2011

I'm sorry. It sounds like your husband is happier being a son than he is being a husband. Giving him an ultimatum about moving out is only going to push him away. Have you tried going to a counsellor together? He doesn't see a problem with making his parents his priority instead of the two of you. Maybe a third party can help him. If not.... well.... if it were me, I would seriously consider leaving him.