Butterfly Effect

I am who I am because of the choices I have made, both good and bad. I am a firm believer that one learns more from failure than success. Therefor, I do not regret the mistakes and errors I have made, but realize that they were necessary for me to learn and progress in my life. Had I not made these mistakes, life might have actually worsened on an unimaginable level.
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4 Responses Oct 16, 2006

We all do mistakes. Further more if we did not do the mistakes in the first place, we would not have gotten so far correct? So for me, I accept all my mistakes and are content of making any

I don't believe in good or bad. It's relative to a person's choices and experience. Yes, you can indeed learn from an experience that you don't wish to repeat.<br />
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For myself, I've learned from many interesting decisions...many people tell me to regret them, but I refuse. I apologize for nothing, because my life is my experience, and the consequences are mine to bear. I bear them well.

I like to compare life and the human condition to the laws of physics. All the way down to our nuclear and atomic structure, we are comprised of opposites (i.e., an atom is held together by the opposing forces of electrons and neutrons.) A "mistake" is just a word to descibe one aspect of our existence. Like atoms, we would not be possible without opposing forces...or experiences.....It's IMPOSSIBLE to have one without the other. You seem to really get this. Thanks for sharing!!! xo

Mistakes are a part of life...period. Not learning from those mistakes is the "unimaginable level".