As It Says In My Back...

No regrets especially in love, I believed in it that I had it tattood right on the back (of my spine). Someone said that I was going through life a little fast. I got married at 21, divorced at 31 (mom at 30), embraced being a lesbian at 33, got a little off the path at 36. I hardly call that going through life fast. I guess its because I look younger than my age, can be a blessing mostly but irritating at times.

I would like to think that it's a matter of learning through our experiences as dictated by our choices. Good or bad, we reap the end product.
But, in all honesty, there are times that I wish I have made better decisions. There's this sick feeling in my gut whenever I realized how much hurt I have caused some people in my life. It may as well be conscience reminding me to stay focus on what feels right, so the next time life throws me a curve ball I will be more ready to face it.

I don't know how to shake her off my system, for all I know she does not think of me anymore. But I have someone who truly loves me; someone who has a big heart to forgive and embrace my shortcomings.
Another reason why the tatt is in my back is to not regret what I have chosen to let go (or turn my back against)...

So, as they say, move on...sigh.

HerJen415 HerJen415
36-40, F
Jul 14, 2012