So Much To Regret, But Why Wonder What If?

Every hard decision, every loss, every painful experience, they all shaped who you are, and if you like who you are, then why regret anything? You are the sum of your experiences, and if you remove a single experience painful enough for you to want it gone, there is no telling what you will lose.

I have been bullied at school, rejected by my first love, attended my best friend's funeral, failed to stop a suicide attempt (she lived, otherwise there would be a regret) i nearly failed my degree, i am unemployed, but i regret none of this, because each and every single thing has shaped who i am.

Without the bullying, i would not have the determination that got me through depression, and my best friends death and my failing degree, if my best friend hadnt died, i would never have learned that some things end, and i would not have been able to move town after university, without that failure to stop my friend from attempting suicide, i would not be so dedicated to helping my friends, if i werent unemployed i would never had the time to FINALLY get over my depression, and without my depression, i would not have learned how strong i can truly be.

Why regret what are the best parts of me? When you go through something horrible, it makes you a better person to counter it. They try to break your confidence, you fight back; you lose a friend, you value those you have left all the more; you suffer great pain, it raises your toleranceĀ of it; you fail so badly, you work twice as hard to make sure it never happens again; you have your heart broken, no future rejection stings quite as bad.

My mistakes and my bad memories shape me more than any success or good memories, and i like who i am, for the most part, so how could i regret anything?
MrWinstonSmith MrWinstonSmith
26-30, M
Dec 14, 2012