There is not a single thing in my life that I have done that I regret. I know that might sound insane, or like I'm lying trying to sound all badass and whatnot, but seriously, I dont. I have done some VERY horrible things in my life, yes. HOWEVER, my view on it is: I dont regret anything because if I had not done those horrible things, and went through those bad experiences and times in my life, it would not have brought me to be the person I am today. And my life seems to be so perfect right now. True, I am very young, but do not mistake me for someone who is naive or hasn't been exposed to bad things in their life. I have been through alot that most people will never have to go through. Ive felt more sadness than most people will EVER feel. Ive done more bad things than any young person should. True, there are things that Ive done that I mightve been better off NOT doing, but alot of those bad things have brought upon good things. One of the biggest things Ive done wrong in my life was getting kicked out of regular school into Alternative School. And, even though everyone saw me as this horrible bad kid, it helped me in SO many ways. I realized who I was in there. And I know that sounds so cliche, but I did. And I'm such a better person now because of that experience and the time I spent away from all the drama, cliques, and pure out hatred that comes with high school. Also, had I not made some ill choices, I would not have came to meet my wonderful boyfriend I have today :) He's also changed me, and helped me stay out of trouble. And, I'm such a happier person now. I feel like I do have reason to be on this earth. So, no. I do not regret a single thing I have done in my life. And I can honestly say that.
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It's great to hear you met someone who can keep you happy maybe as much as you do for them.<br />
Can you add me as a friend? I can't get to your profile.

oh, if only everyone who went through **** turned out like you - stronger, happier, better! good luck maintaining this attitude as you grow older! btw, alternative school? what was THAT like? ;>