I Do Regret Nothing.  Bec...

I do regret nothing.  Because in the end every choice that I made was the one I wanted to anyway.  It doesn't matter how stupid or impulsive it was, it was for a reason.  I don't care of the reason at the time seemed good and now seems stupid, there was at least the teeniest bit of logic behind it.  It is what lead to me being me at this moment and I'm quite happy with that.  And I go on in my life regretting absolutely no choices I make.  Because no matter how impulsive or absent minded I seem, there was some rationality and reason behind it all.  And that makes me better for everything I choose.  There is no shame in having no guilt.  Guilt is what ties you to the past and holds you back from the present and the future.  I like to think that even if I feel I made a bad decision that I grow from it and use it later on in life to make better decisions.  I don't like guilt and regret to hold me back from experiences because that retards wisdom.
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1 Response Jan 23, 2007

Sitting here thinking about stuff of the past, then reading what you state, I say well said. What is important is that you just learn from it, and try not to do the same mistake again. We're all just human beings.