What a Waste of a Time

I am so upset with Barrack Obama.  Before he even ran for president, i swore up and down after the follies that Bush caused, i would never vote again.  But low and behold, with some encouragement from other voters, i decided to vote.  I chose Obama for many reasons.  It helped that he was black, but i liked what he had to say.  And i will be for damned if i dint regret waking up 4 am in the morning to go and vote for him and  then to see what he is doing in office now makes me fervently angry.  To think i woke up before the crack of dawn, stood out in the rain for 4 hours, and had to listen to idle-less chit chat - What a waste of time.

How can he justify giving all of this money to all of these big businesses like GM?  Then GM gets to file chapter 11 Bankruptcy???  WTF?  Do you all know that i received a tax bill for $1,296 bucks and some F'ing change?.?.?.  Why should i pay it?  Only for him to have a bill passed to give me maybe $20 extra bucks a month.  Why are you giving my tax dollars to some rich people with an Ivy League education?  These people are making millions of dollars a year.  I wont make what a lot of them earn in a year in my lifetime.  So now what, i am supposed to help rich people stay rich?...  The only reason i am going to pay it is cause i dint want no problems with the feds.  I already have 2 strikes against me; im black and female.  Oh, and my  mother is a Muslim so who knows what will happen to me if i end up in Federal prison.  And then again, im not gay, so i really dint want to go to prison at all.

Now he's on this trip about what i can and cannot smoke.  It seems like the government is getting too involved in my personal F'ing life right about now.  They already make it hard as hell for me to get weed, now i wont be able to smoke my clove cigarettes.  What's next???  Am i still gonna be able to drink an imported beer???  Damn, i do love my Tecate Cerveza.  Are we gonna cut out fried foods next, Obama??? Can i still take vitamins and supplements??? I want to know what the hell is going to be next.  I know that children smoke, but ain't that what parents are supposed to do?  Stop their kids from smoking and drinking.  Why not let the parents, parent their kids? 

When the F' is my health care package that he promised is gonna come thru?  I want to see results. 

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6 Responses Aug 5, 2009

I think there is so many people feeling that same regret. It's called 'buyer's remorse'. There was sadly some very naive voters at the poll that day in 2008, but I think most of have woken up to him by now. He's a communist sympathiser and a truly dangerous, and dangerously incompetent man, who wouldn't have a clue how to run a goldfish bowl - let alone an entire country. Just get him out, and fast. The damage that he is doing is more than anybody thought possible.

If by voting you had a chance to produce any real change in society, then voting would be illegal, but yes, I still vote.

and who the f do u expect Di.ck Chenny?

The 20 extra bucks is gone now. The big tax break he brags about giving us was for a limited time.<br />
<br />
We as a country are in more trouble than anyone seems to understand.<br />
Simply voting the Democrats out in November is not enough. <br />
We need to educate ourselves about these people we are putting into office.<br />
It is time to get rid of the old trash that has been robbing us blind for decades. Both Dems and Reps alike. November will be one of the most important elections in history.

i don't regret voting for him-he was still the best choice-but i am irritated at some things. for one, i don't think right now, with what is going on, he should have been "making an african journey of healing" at least....not on our dime. isn't that what vacations are for?<br />
he's waffling. i know he's under a lot of pressure but that is how it is and he needs to stick to his guns...and his promises!

Simmone:<br />
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I am 100% with you. I am really concern about his spending, andh his health care reform. I've read part of it and it scare me to the point of calling my senators and complaint about it.<br />
<br />
Be well,<br />