The *****..

after my first kiss.. things went downhill, every one i worked with found out what i did with the one guy i dated for about 1 or 2 weeks... everyone found out wat happend in the back of that theatre.. im lucky it only went so far.. but.. the reputation i earned... was dreadful...

Movie *****.. may not sound like a big deal.. but it ruined me, no one ever thought of me the same anymore.. when i asked ppl to go to movies, no one would go, no guy would sit near me, not that it mattered.. but being known around town... hated it..

had random guys i never knew come up to me... some guy from the high school around here, one i don't go to, found my email... he wanted to have a lil fun, wanted to go to a movie..

i became one of the gurls i hated most.. i gave into the temptation, horny **** i was... had my "fun" in the back of a car wit him... regret every second of it... i hate who i became...


luckily.. the guy i am with now, i've changed completely... im not who i once was, not the town *****... he asked me out knowing nothing of wat i used to be...

i regret my past so much.. but im lucky that i have the future i have now with my current boyfriend..

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Wow the choice of having sex anytime in need is in the power of the female...guys we have to work our magic and if we fail...we gain a hard on and blue the rape thing...i'm sorry men think they could have what they want and I can't stand a man like that around me...I love ****** because they are truly honest about their sex life

If I broke down ever time I kissed someone.... I wouldn't have lived to see 15. I lost my virginity to rape. Not to go into sob story.... But after that... It didn't mean anything to me anymore. Soon after I slept with 2 males I didn't really know and I felt like such a dirty *****! And as time went by... I got with more people.... I mean I don't really give a **** anymore. I've slept with 23 people. Some of them where girls. Who cares? What and who I do behind closed doors is nobodies business.

no longer in the current relationship mentioned above

The older you get, the less it matters. You learn it was never a big deal in the first place.<br />
<br />
Been there, done that. I'm open about with friends and nobody really cares.

it wasnt only jus kissing... it went farther than that.. lets jus say everything except for intercourse on the first date... when im usually not that way... i mean i barely even knew the guy at that time.. then how it was spread so quick... urgh.. but that is long gone and i only hear of it now and then

It's ok and kissing someone doesn't make you a ***** so f*** what they say

I would have enjoyed meeting you then...

Yesterday's gone, hun don't beat yourself up anymore, today and tomorrow is what you need to focus on....Be good to yourself