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Just Another Story? Or Is It?

She was fresh but not so lively then. She could take a peek into your soul without you ever coming to know .
There she saw him. .broad shoulders . . Big arms. . Tender heart. . Wasn't he the man of her dreams? Why yes.. Was there a need to ask?
She spoke to him after 50 odd days for the 1st time. She thought . . Nay. . She believed his voice was manly. . Alas!
She didn't give up though. She knew he had a warm heart.
She caught him making out with a random girl over the web. It was not meant to be a happy christmas eve.
She gave up on him. He begged her to stay. She listened once again to her heart.
7 odder mnths later. . They met. . She loathed his first look. Wasn't he looking more like a stalker? Oh come on. . First look can be deceiving . She held on to her feelings. Wasn't she a highly ambitious girl? Almost reached the peak of her career. Did she really need to put ur with him?
Yes. . She loved him. She cut down on her sleep. . She ruined her career. She ruined herself.
Today. . She regrets.
kasiyat kasiyat 22-25, F 4 Responses Apr 18, 2011

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Awesome write! Wonderful imagery. I enjoyed reading this very much! Many Blessings. ......:)

Thank you for the appreciation. Yes there is so much she wants the world to know. I sincerely wish she gets this dream fulfilled. :)

I like this story, very raw emotionally. Thank you for sharing. I feel like there is even more underneath the surface that you haven't exposed . . . yet.

She had a lot more to tell. . Guess i'd rather help her write a book ;)