(well im new here and so yeah but heres my story)

so i was two when my real mom decided to get up and leave us. she
left us and had another kid and move to a whole different state.(maybe i beat myself up because i keep thinking she didnt want me.) my dad finally remarried to my step mother alena. she was with us intil i was turning 13. i guess they werent in love anymore, they keep argueing.(so thats two mother like figure leave just like that) but alena was different she left three days before my birthday.(alittle harsh if u know what i mean) i get so close to ladies my dad dates and they just leave. anyways, my uncle died of cancer that year. then the next year my grandpa died. right after my grandpa died, my best fried died of old age.(so you can see how that can pull a girl off the hill in to a pit of depression) well then my dad gets a girlfriend, she lived in las vegas. we talked to her on the phone, went to las vegas to see her, she came down here. she lived with us intil she went back to her husband in texas they were getting a devorse. (so you can see i lost the people i loved) well i live with my dad and i guess im happy for my dad we are moving into a house with his new girlfriend and her daughter. im happy for him but im not truly happy for myself i regrete letting my mother just slip out of my hands like that, im scared to open up to people. i know they might leave, and that scares me. i just dont wanna lose anyone else in life. i cant or im gonna fall into a deeper hole than im already in. i have made poor choices to deal with my problems, i did cut i overdose. (so im not perfect but i need advice what should i do in life if all i do is run off like a scared baby? what is my next step in this? someone please help me!!)
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YOU have been through so much you poor thing. It is amazing to me that you have the courage and strength to ask for help. I hope you see that you are strong because of that and that you will make it with your courage. Keep sharing and reaching out. Trust that there are people that care keep looking they are here on EP and out there in the world. I hope you can take a moment ...this one...and say " I have made it through so much that it has made me strong and special....You are special remember this. Let me know if you ever need to talk... Stay strong my friend...

I know what it's like to have a single parent. I can't imagine what it must have been like to go through all that, but (& I Know it's not easy), you have to keep your head up. Find someone you can talk to, take on a hobby, & keep busy with positive things. The more you dwell on the past, the harder it is to be in the present. Hope this helps.