Wet Myself In An Exam

Yep. I was that kid at primary school who was always sitting in reception with wet pants, waiting for her mum to come and get her! I've always had a tiny, irritable bladder, and when I have to go I really do have to go. Needless to say, I had a fair few wetting accidents at school. By the time I got to high school I'd improved and mostly I got away with wet knickers (the uniform was black trousers or skirt, which didn't show unless you looked for it, thank god. I always had a spare pair in my bag though just in case!) I think the worst pee accident I had at high school was when I wet myself in an exam in year 9. It's still incredibly vivid in my mind.

We were only allowed out to the toilet one at a time, and I was so desperate, but there were three other people waiting to be let out before me. It was a two-hour exam, and I'd been crossing my legs and squirming in my seat since about twenty minutes in, but hadn't wanted to ask because I was too shy. There were still two people in front of me when I realised my knickers felt warm and wet - I'd already leaked a bit without hardly realising. I kept writing as though nothing was wrong, even though my legs were tightly crossed and I could hardly concentrate. The next person was let out and almost immediately I felt a spurt of pee leak into my knickers and wet my skirt, pooling under my bum on the plastic chair. I bit my lip and squirmed, trying not to look as though I was wetting myself. The person hadn't even come back before I lost control completely. I was so scared and mortified, I just kept right on writing as though nothing was wrong, even though I was peeing uncontrollably until it spilled off the chair and puddled on the floor underneath me.

I got teased forever about that. >.< I got a B on the exam though...!
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Love girls who wet in the classroom. Its very erotic and sexy too. Love to see the puddle on the seat and floor.

my school nurse knew me well too

I was taking exams aged 14-15, and I didn't want to ask to go to the toilet, and I didn't want to lose time on the exam. So I ended up wetting myself. Happened two or three times. I'd take a handkerchief with me, and press it against myself as I was peeing, hoping the pee would go into it. It did, but only a bit. No-one ever noticed, I think. But I still think of peeing when I think of exams.

so sexy

Most teachers who allow students out one at a time during an exam at that age would have said go immediately if they saw you were in that state even if you hadn't asked. It is only the ones that won't let anyone out for any reason that would have let you sit there and wet yourself.<br />
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But, teachers assume that students aren't going to get quite to that state that fast or that the student woujld tell them.<br />
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My first year as a teacher it was during an exam. I had been teaching less than a month. Something similar, a screw up caused by several factors caused this to happen during a test. I never knew the boy had to go until it was too late. IN my case, it was the" I answer questions in order during the exam." I meant about the test, not the toilet.<br />
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I corrected that mistake. Making all toilet requests be asked privately and to come see me superseding all other classroom actions. I also made it clear to bolt for the door and go immediately if an accident were about to suddenly happen regardless of the situation unless there was an armed intruder in the hall way. I was that clear about it!<br />
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I also had a procedure that if a student needed the toilet and I was about to give an exam, to let me know and let him go. If at all possible, let the whole bunch go and get it over with if possible!<br />
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I'm sure your teacher was as upset as you. A teacher that allowed that open toilet policy at year nine sounds like a teacher who was being cool and considerate. I would normally have that rule as well for routine toilet visits that aren't at the point of an accident.

Great story squirmygirl1! I used to have accidents in school too where I would wet just my briefs before completely losing it therefore getting away with it most of the time. It usually happened when I found something hilarious and it would just spurt out and I would go bright red and look down at my pants to see if there was a big wet patch or not!