I Was About Five

I was about five when my stepfather decided I was his ticket to drugs and extra cash. I remember now after intense therapy, that one time a large man showed up at our trailer. He had a bag I suspect was filled with drugs. My stepfather asked "You got the stuff?" and he said he did. Then my stepfather told the man to take me out to the truck, and he did, and he raped me in that truck. I had no choice, I was small, weak, confused, helpless... My stepfather also raped me.
So that's why I reject prostitution. Because people are forced into it. I don't know about much else, I just know about children forced into it, and women forced into it, and sex trafficking, and all the bad things that happen because of it. It's not Christian, which I am. And it's not safe, and it can cause children being born into a place not fitting for children, where they can be prostituted.

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3 Responses Feb 9, 2010

What happened to you was terrible and wrong but adult women can choose any work they want.

You know, there is no statue of limitations for the crimes he committed against you. Press charges if possible. So sorry to read what happened. God bless you for your courage to share your story. What happened is unacceptable.

II feel sooo bad for you! I really admire you for being brave enough to share this.