Please Go Away~

I HATE getting those "wus up gorgeous?" or "add me" or "I want to **** you" messages. Go Away Please. When you write to ask to be added to my friends, please understand that I won't accept your invite unless we have something to talk about. Check my groups first please. I don't sex chat and I am not looking for an online lover. Go Away if that is your goal.
hillbillycrone hillbillycrone
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3 Responses May 17, 2012

Yes I also say to them, pls go away. Find others who'd be interested.

I'm sure they can find a few willing women....from what I read...

got the same prob and it gets v frustrating smtime. :@

I guess some of these creepers have lots of time on their hands.....


Women get a raw deal online compared to guys i think.

it's really kind of silly the things some of these guys say....i want to scream, "grow up!"