My Rules!

I do not apologize in the slightest for either belonging to this group or even admitting I do reject some of you would be Fans of mine.

Now let me be plain. I am broad minded and can accept that you may do things that I don't get on with but tell me, why would you want to be my fan never mind start bombarding me with "I want you to be my friend" messages when practically all your Experiences are not the same as mine and some may even tell you I don't want anything to do with those that do????

Some red lights to those who can't read subtleties :

If all OR most your profile is to do with Sexual wishes and Experiences you WILL be rejected straight off cos while sex is a wonderful thing I (and many others) have a good deal more by way of interests going on that we'd like to share with Fan OR especially would be friend. In real life friends actually have a lot in common and clearly if your profile reflects you then we don't. End of story.

For that reason many whose Experiences are mainly sexual like 'Sissies' won't be added and may hit the reject button however what I would say to you is "If you have more interests outside of those, show that by joining  the Experience Groups and sharing Your stories. The ball IS in Your court.

If you want to be my friend you need to have Shared Experiences so before shooting off a PM pleading for friend status, check we have cos I will and you won't be made a friend unless we do. It's my choice so make it easy on yourself.

No advocates of animal cruelty need apply!

Got that?


CarolineBelinda CarolineBelinda
36-40, F
Mar 5, 2010