Maybe one of you (or both) can share a story and explain exactly what in the world the title of this groups means.   I was just curious.

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9 Responses Feb 10, 2009

How can such a profound statement mean NOTHING???<br />
Are you saying that your experiences are trivial, Speechless?<br />
Or should I call you Deleted?<br />
And what about your group "I Wore Shoes Once,"<br />
does that mean NOTHING as well??!!

Ha ha! I think it's hilarious. "Your reality SUCKS so eat what I'm selling. EAT IT!" Ewww...that's slightly diiiiirty. LOL!

I think it refers to lawyers and used car salesmen.

Maybe they mean, I think you're a fool but I will please you for your money?

it's like the monkeys with the typewriters.. if we juggle these words right, I think we will come up with the metaphysical equivalent of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

I don't know what it all means, but how could I resist the combination of Mythbusters and prostitutes?<br />
<br />
Obviously I couldn't.

How about I reject your prostitution and realize my own.

I second that Huh?????????????<br />
<br />
Please speak in English